Vacuum the mattress every 3 months

Vacuum the mattress every 3 months. This is definitely a must-do if you have allergies as dust mites and dander can build up in your mattress over time.

  Always use a protective mattress pad/ mattress protector

Always use a protective mattress pad or mattress protector. A protective mattress pad or mattress protector is one of the best choice you can make to protect your mattress from dust, allergens and stains.

  Leave your mattress uncovered from bedsheet/ cover

Leave your mattress uncovered from bedsheet/ cover for several hours each week to keep the internal upholstery layers dry and hygienic. Keep it dry to extend the life of a mattress.

  DO rotate and flip your bed every 3-6 months

DO rotate and flip your bed every 3-6 months. Little compression of upholstery material is normal status. So that turn your mattress from head to toe and flip upside down every 3-6 months to equalize body impressions is necessary.


  DON'T use the mattress handles to lift the full weight

DON'T use the mattress handles to lift the full weight. The handles on the side of the mattress are only supposed to be used for shifting and adjusting the mattress once it's in place. If you try to lift the full weight of the mattress using these handles, there's a good chance they'll tear.

  DON'T eat, drink/ smoke on your bed

DON'T eat, drink or smoke on your bed. No matter how careful you are, eating or drinking in bed can lead to spills. This can result in odors lingering and can lead to mold and other infestations. Besides being a dire hazard, the smoke from smoking leaves behind an odor that saturates into the mattress.

  DON'T remove that tag

DON'T remove that tag. Before you do, just know that the information on that label will serve as a means of identification for any warranty claims so don't remove it unless it's really bothering you.

  DON'T ever use dry cleaning chemicals

DON'T ever use dry cleaning chemicals. The chemicals in dry cleaning agents can be harmful to the materials in your mattress, and should never be used for it. Instead use an upholstery shampoo to clean and remove stains from your mattress.

  DON'T bend, fold/ drag your mattress

DON'T bend, fold or drag your mattress. Unless a mattress or box spring is made entirely of soft material (like foam or cotton), or is specially built for folding, it probably has a border wire inside that is not meant to be bent. That means, do not bend your mattress or the corners when applying fitted sheets, going through doors, etc. It also means to avoid sitting on the edge or on the corners of your mattress.

  DON'T stand/ jump on beds

DON'T stand or jump on beds. Jumping or even standing on your bed can put too much weight in one spot of your mattress which would permanently damage it.

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